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NEW ESSAY: The Function of Perception (PDF)

ESSAY: Dimensional Thinking and the Levels of Logic  (PDF)

ESSAY: Physical Ideas and Dimensional Logic  (PDF)

ESSAY: Godel's Incompleteness Theorem and Dimensional Logic  (PDF)

ESSAY: The Fallacy of Composition and The Geometry of Ideas  (PDF)


Here is a good sample of Consciousness threads I have participated in. While I do my best to explain The Geometry of Ideas, other thinkers have their own interesting theories and insights on Consciousness.

I don't keep track of the current laws, so I have changed the names and identifying aliases of the participants, and also removed the forum names. I apologize in advance for the repetition you will encounter, but I left the responses as-is to maintain their contexts.

If you have insights on ideas pertaining to Consciousness, and you can express them in relatively simple terms, send them to me via my comments page.

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