Manny Levels

  The Dimensional Detective



A New Manny Levels Story Is Available Now - and it is a novel!

**Metaphysical Island**
Dimensional Detective Manny Levels Investigates Reality

A hard-boiled dimensional detective, a Princess and a robot embark on a curious adventure in search of Reality and The Meaning of Life.

Coming Soon: **Manny Levels Short Stories**

Manual (Manny) Levels is a troubleshooter for the National Science Foundation. Lately he´s been getting a lot of out-of-this-world cases, and solving them with in-this-world explanations.

The Grand Illusion (a novella)
The Relationship Mainframe
The Thoughtcrete Dimension
The Chant of the Mandala
Aunt Meta's Tree
Reality Check
The 10th Planet

Plus: The Gnomon
The Invitation

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