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Metaphysical Island: A Novel
Dimensional Detective Manny Levels Investigates Reality

Attack on Cellius is a full-length, metaphysical sci-fi novel describing The Geometry of Ideas - Dimensional Thinking in detail. It is available for purchase.

The Manny Levels science fiction stories describe specific ideas within the larger foundation of The Geometry of Ideas - Dimensional Thinking.

Dimensional Thinking examines the implications of two scientific theories - The Big Bang Theory and Einstein's equation E=MCC.

  The Geometry of Ideas
by Dr. Keter Atum

1) The Big Bang created a Universe of energy;
2) Each thing that exists in the Universe is composed  of energy;
3) Ideas exist in the Universe, and are composed of energy;
4) Energy can be viewed as matter;
5) Ideas can be viewed as matter;
6) Ideas are defined in terms of other ideas;
7) Geometry describes relationships among material objects;
8) A Geometry of Ideas follows.




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