Manny Levels

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** A New Manny Levels Story - The Relationship Mainframe **


Manual (Manny) Levels is a troubleshooter for the National Science Foundation. Lately he´s been getting a lot of out-of-this-world cases, and solving them with in-this-world explanations.


The Relationship Mainframe:   The government has built a mainframe computer to store all the world's knowledge. Trouble is, the data has taken on a life of its own. Manny Levels discovers the algorithm organizing the data is more than it appears to be.

   The Thoughtcrete Dimension:   The new library at Mattercrete University has an unusual feature: it hovers 10 feet off the ground. Manny Levels is sent to investigate, and finds that Bandwidth is using the library to define the differences between matter and ideas.
   The Chant of the Mandala:   People walk into an   architectural  artwork called The Mandala but don't walk out. Manny Levels discovers that Bandwidth, the ruler of a metaphysical Universe, has created the Mandala to prove that ideas and matter are meshed together via their common substance, energy.
Metas Tree      Aunt Meta´s Tree:   Manny Levels is asked to investigate a tree that simultaneously produces many different kinds of fruits. Levels soon re-confronts Bandwidth, the ruler of a newly discovered tenth planet. Bandwidth shows Levels that Aunt Meta's Tree is physical evidence that meaning exists in the Universe.
LiesTruth   Reality Check:   The lawyers and the car salesmen are at each others throats over a deal gone bad, and each group is calling the other a pack of liars. Truth itself is held up to ridicule until a stranger named John Plague steps in to settle the dispute. Manny Levels is sent to investigate.
     The 10th Planet:   A mysterious message is received from Mentalos, a newly discovered planet. The NSF sends its best troubleshooter, Manny Levels, to investigate. Levels discovers that the planet's ruler, Bandwidth, manipulates physical ideas in physical brains to achieve his ends.



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