Attack On Cellius

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It is the dawn of a new century, one hundred years since The Great Realization. To celebrate, Cellius has opened The School of Consciousnessas a symbol of this new era. Virulius The UnBalancer, Ruler of the Robot Nations, sees the School as a threat and leads his antigen hordes in an attack on Cellius. Divinar The Analogist is alerted and Cellius strikes back.

The struggle brings together Divinar´s daughter, Princess Marina, and Tyronal, leader of the outlaw Amino Gang. Their love story unfolds against a background of desperate conflict: Mitochondrians, Ribosomians, Histones and Aminos join forces to resist a Virulian blitzkrieg aimed at destroying Cellius´ delicate ecological balance.

Hope fades when Virulius unleashes Naysteler, a hellish power-absorbing weapon that feeds on the very energy that attempts to destroy it. Naysteler meets Divinar in an epic confrontation that will determine the survival - or death - of Cellian civilization.


 1.  The School of Consciousness
 2.  Virulius
 3.  The Amino Gang
 4.  A War Against Nature
 5.  The Crown Palace of Nucleus
 6.  A Visit to NuCellius
 7.  The Books of Truth
 8.  Naystelar
 9.  The Idea Transformer
10.  Resistance is Futile
11.  The Silo
12.  Journey to the Reticular Mountains
13.  Marina and Tyronal
14.  The Tower of Trials
15.  Truth Means Everything
16.  At Golgi's Camp
17.  A Dying Nucleus
18.  DiaVersaFeelings
19.  Faith Promises Answers
20.  The Battle – Phase I
21.  The Battle – Phase II
22.  The Battle – Phase III
23.  Prologue

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