The Gnomon




The Geometry of Ideas
by Dr. Keter Atum

1) The Big Bang created a Universe of energy;
2) Each thing that exists in the Universe is composed  of energy;
3) Ideas exist in the Universe, and are composed of energy;
4) Energy can be viewed as matter;
5) Ideas can be viewed as matter;
6) Ideas are defined in terms of other ideas;
7) Geometry describes relationships among material objects;
8) A Geometry of Ideas follows.




The time is the near future; scientists have gathered at a remote government laboratory to recreate the conditions present at the instant prior to the Big Bang. The experiment, dubbed Small Bang, is a success: the result is the birth of The Gnomon, a precipitate containing all the original knowledge of the Universe. Ancient wisdom and modern science unite to reveal the relationships among energy, matter and ideas, while truth and self-deception battle for the elusive prize known as Spirit-To-Change.

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