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The integration of ideas and physical objects into a unified fabric merely puts us at a starting point for a deeper understanding of this fabric's structure. There are many directions, many dimensions inward and outward.

Because new statements are recursively created from definitions and previous statements, every statement in this treatise exists in a direct and/or indirect relationship with every other statement. In effect, this treatise is a mind set of true statements, where "true" means the statements are logically consistent.

The methodology of any Geometry of Ideas is the generation of eclectic definitions and irrefutable logical statements constructed from those definitions. Far from restricting imagination and personal truths, this methodology facilitates creativity and awareness. Truth has no agenda - it leads where it leads, and it leads everywhere in this Universe.

Importantly, in no way are the definitions and statements in this treatise the only possible explanation of the relationship among the objects of the Universe. This is how I derived my explanation, my mind set, and nothing more.

Going forward, my own inclination is to look into the physical structure of logic and mathematics. These two disciplines are the foundations of human understanding, and therefore the foundations of human nature. The dimensional structures of logic and mathematics offer windows into the wonder-filled reality we share with energy.

The pages and PDFs on this website are copyrighted to protect their integrity. However, anyone can freely change the definitions and statements in the thirteen chapters composing Dimensional Thinking, with the one requirement that the changes and additions are clearly ascribed to the modifier's name and not to mine. There is only one guiding light - the goal of any Geometry of Ideas, by any hand, must be to provide a logical methodology wherein energy-composed objects can be examined in a standardized – and transparent – framework.